Bogdan Čikarda

Elephants’ Dream

“Elephant’s dream” is a translation of a Lithuanian aphorism – “Drambliuko svajonė” meaning something like a fantastic but vain hope, an unattainable or fanciful scheme.

The project is named in such a way because I believe that every musician and perhaps even just a music lover has “elephant’s dreams” like those of writing or recording songs, being in a band, releasing an album, touring, or just playing their music live in front of someone, and whatever else they dream and have hopes about. The harsh reality of being a musician is that majority of us are far away from achieving most or even just some of those dreams. Music takes an incredible amount of time, skill, dedication, funds, and all kinds of hard efforts to make, and only the most persistent ones manage to achieve their goals.

This record is an elephant’s dream that got fulfilled – it’s here, it’s made, it’s done, the songs are beautiful, organic, and made with love by people that love music for other people that love music and have elephant’s dreams just like we do.

I made it from a collection of riffs and melodies that I have been collecting for a while, from a long-time friend Dalius, who lives on the other side of the North sea, back in our home country Lithuania. Over the last few years, I’ve accumulated enough material to start producing what turned out to be this album. Songs started taking shape when the recording process for drums began. With some additional help with guitar sounds from another Lithuanian pal Laimonas and with some beautiful bass lines from a friend on this side of the North sea, Alexey, this album became what it is now.

I hope you will enjoy listening to it and it will become a soundtrack to fulfilling your dreams.

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