Bogdan Čikarda

Protocol F40.1

Protocol F40.1 marks a new chapter in the Lithuanian black metal scene, formed at the very end of 2023 as a collective endeavor by seasoned musicians from the community. Mykolas, Linas, and Jegor, each well-regarded for their significant contributions to local metal music through various projects, have come together with me, the latest addition on drums, to explore this genre with renewed fervor and creativity.

Our sound harnesses the intense energy typical of black metal—fast-paced, aggressive guitar riffs and deep, resonant bass lines, underpinned by precise, powerful drumming. This fusion creates a raw and compelling sound that captures the essence of black metal while pushing its boundaries through our collective innovation.

Protocol F40.1 serves as a side project for almost all involved, offering us a unique platform to experiment and explore different facets of the genre without the constraints of our main bands. This freedom allows for a more uninhibited expression of our musical ideas, leading to a fresh yet authentic sound that respects the traditions of black metal but is not afraid to reinterpret them.

We are currently focused on our debut album, which we anticipate will make a significant impact within the black metal community and beyond. The album is being crafted to showcase not just our individual talents but our cohesive strength as a new entity in the scene. Our goal is to deliver a powerful musical statement that solidifies our position and excites both longstanding black metal fans and newcomers alike.

Protocol F40.1 is not just another band; it’s a testament to the vibrant and dynamic nature of the Lithuanian black metal scene. As we continue to write, record, and prepare for live performances, we invite everyone to watch closely. We’re here to leave a mark and elevate the scene with every riff, beat, and performance.

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